19″/2® Rugged Network and Servers

1/4 the size. 100% the functionality. Fully Rugged network.

AMREL’s modular 19″/2® form factor is fully functional, but only ¼ the size of a standard rack mounted unit. This compact rugged network and rugged server lets you save up to 75% on your rack space, while reducing space, weight, power, as well as heat production. Designed for cramped spaces, the 19″/2 rugged servers are perfect for ground vehicles, airplanes, and small naval craft.

The 19″/2 rugged servers meet MIL-STD 810/MIL-STD 461 and integrate with standard-size, as well as other small form factor units. A broad range of customized features are available.

Scan below for these fully rugged compact 19″/2® units, including:

i7, 1.66 – 2.0 GHz, 2 Duo core, 4 – 8GB RAM
VoIP, UIDM, Cisco, and Sat
Matrixes, Extenders, CWS servers
4x slots for 2.5″ HDD
6-16 ports, PoE, Fiber, RS232, MIL
DVI-D Video Switches, LCD, KBD Mini, and more
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