Flexpedient AT80 Rugged Tablet

Need a connector moved? Want to add a device? No problem. Flexpedient® AT80 Ultra Rugged IP 67 Tablet patented channel design enables modifications to be made with only minimal NRE. Typically, customizing a rugged Android™ tablet is a lengthy process of constant engineering changes driven by end-user feedback or changing requirements. Some modifications on the Flexpedient® AT80 Rugged Tablet can be made within a week or even less.

Personalize your rugged tablet

No other rugged tablet on the market has the flexibility for personalization. Promote your organization with your choice of color and logo.

Unique proprietary channel design

  • Only Flexpedient® AT80 Rugged Tablet has AMREL’s patented channeling.
  • Wide area of mechanical attachment points
  • Natural guard for connectors, modules, and sensors
  • Perfect for quick & economic product development

Thin, Light, & Tough

Don’t let its slender form factor fool you. The Flexpedient AT80 is tough as nails. We’ve dunked, baked, and froze this durable Android tablet and it still works. Ideal for field work in challenging environments, you will not find a more reliable tablet solution.

Designed for durability

To make the Flexpedient AT80 as rugged as possible, the frame is machined from a single aircraft aluminum billet. The connectors are given an extra level of protection by AMREL’s patented channel design. We even shielded the Miscro SD and head phone jack with their own enclosure. Just to make sure, we successfully tested the Flexpedient AT80 in 1 meter of water as per IP67.  The only ultra rugged ip67 tablet to give you fast customization and color options.




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