Military grade fully rugged tablet

ROCKY DK10 Rugged Tablet

With a large 12.1” screen and a powerful i7 processor, the ROCKY DK10 is perfect for resource-intensive applications that display large amounts of data. You can rely on the DK10 day or night; the display is sunlight readable, and you can choose a Night Vision option. Since we designed the DK10 to require minimal reconfiguring, upgrading your solution will be easy. The mobile broadband options offer a wide choice of carriers. Since it is a ROCKY, you can count on the DK10 tablet to operate successfully even in the harshest of environments.

ROCKY DK10 tablet anywhere, anytime.
In the battlefield, office, or plant, get the convenience of a tablet with the durability required for harsh environments.

Big screen with a compact form factor.
The ROCKY DK10 is ideal for on-the-move operations and limited-space applications.

The power you want.
With an Intel® Sandy Bridge i7 Processor, the ROCKY DK10 has no problem with resource-intensive applications.

The connectivity you require.
RS-232 and USB ports, as well as optional adjustable stand for port expansion.

The ruggedness you need.
Independently certified for MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461, and IP-65, the ROCKY DK10 improves your ROI by decreasing costs associated with broken computers, data loss, and lost work time.

The specs you must have.
Don’t compromise. AMREL can customize the ROCKY DK10 to your exact needs and extends the manufacturer’s warranty to modifications we perform.

Support you can count on.
The ROCKY DK10 tablet is designed for extended End of Life. AMREL builds the ROCKY DK10 to last, and we plan our support the same way.

Fast integration and customization.
Design to be quickly and easily modified, the ROCKY DK10 has been successfully customized for:

  • Control Solutions • Avionic Communications
  • Sensor Management • Mobile Mesh Network
  • Point of Sale on a Train • In-Vehicle Solution
  • Mobile Radio Solutions • Many other applications

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