The AMREL Advantage

ROCKY rugged computers have been a familiar sight in the hands of warfighters and first responders for almost three decades. However, there’s more to AMREL than proven toughness and decades of experience.


Custom Rugged solutions

AMREL Customized Ruggedized Computers

Over 80% of the computers that AMREL sells are customized; it’s our core business.  Add a new connector or engineer a completely custom configuration, we’ll deliver both low and high volume orders to you quickly.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Low Total Cost Ownership for Ruggedized Computers

The initial outlay may only be a small part of the overall cost. Discover how the longevity of AMREL’s platforms impacts the true Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Rugged Inside and Out

Ruggedized Computers are Rugged Inside

AMREL’s computers operate in extraordinarily demanding conditions for an unusually long time. Learn about our unique Fault Tolerant Isolation Design and other ways AMREL goes beyond standard ruggedness.

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Ruggedized Computers Interoperability

AMREL is the unquestioned leader in highly integrated, one-box interoperable computer solutions. Our proprietary Flexpedient® Solutions enable you to use one computer for many applications.

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