The most important question

“Does it work?” used to be the most important question. Now, it’s “Does it work with other products or systems?”  The proliferation of net-centric systems and logistical challenges has enhanced the importance of interoperability, while proprietary technology and accelerated obsolescence have made it more difficult.

Interoperability as a business model

Computer Interoperability

AMREL has long exercised leadership in the field of interoperability. Our open-platform ROCKY computers are not limited to a few restrictive proprietary technologies.  Since most of our sales are customized solutions, our platforms must be designed for a high degree of integration with third-party hardware, software, and applications.

 Interoperability within upgrades

Upgrades For InteroperabilityAMREL’s computing platforms are often subsystems of larger solutions. We have made a point of preserving form factors and dimensions for newer models, so an upgraded computer can still use the same docking station as the older version.

 Interoperability within platforms

Multiple Interoperability Computers

Batteries, power supplies, and many other components can be swapped among AMREL’s 3 different laptops. Our solutions are often used in locations where the supply chain is minimal, so the ability to cannibalize and share parts is critical.


 Interoperability over time

Interoperability with Backward Compatibility

AMREL’s computers are often used in solutions, in which, over time, other components are upgraded or replaced. Our modular platforms are engineered for maximum flexibility, so they can be easily modified. You replace parts, not whole systems.


Flexbay™ Customized Interoperable Solutions

Flexpedient Interoperability

AMREL has applied its expertise toward a revolutionary approach in interoperability. Flexbay™ Solution is the first field-expedient system designed for customized interoperable solutions. An elegant one-box solution, Flexbay enables interoperability with virtually any application, while also protecting proprietary technology.

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