Flexbay Solutions

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Customized Specs

  • One computer. Many applications.
  • Simple to use in the field
  • Over 5,000 solutions deployed

Now, you can run a universe of applications on just one computer.  Patent-pending Flexbay™ solutions let you maximize resources, simplify logistics, conserve power, and eliminate excessive training with just 3 components:

  • Computer
  • Application Module
  • Hard Drive

Think of an application. Integrate it into a proprietary Application Module. Stick the module into an AMREL computer’s device bay. You have a total field-expedient solution. It’s that simple.

Imagine one computer

Flexbay™ solutions can be applied to military as well as civilian missions. Consider all the different applications that in-theater forces can use on just one computer.

Application # 1: Robotics

When a soldier wants to switch control from an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) to a Tactical Aerial Unmanned Vehicle (TUAV), all he has to do is swap Applications Modules.  No more lugging around a computer for each unmanned system.

Application # 2: Biometrics

Swap the robot module out of the computer, and slip in one with a biometric device for capturing iris images and fingerprints.  With the extensive onboard database of a powerful AMREL computer as well as its connectivity to off-site databases, the warfighter can match biometric data in real time.

Application # 3: Targeting

The same powerful computer can also be used for targeting.  Just slip in the appropriate module.

Application # 4: Sensors

If the warfighter needs to search a house, he can use a module with sensors designed for Sensitive Site Exploitation.

Your novel solution on a mature platform

The Flexpedient® Revolution - Application Module

The Department of Defense needs innovative solutions, but wants to field only mature, tested solutions.  By putting your technology in an Application Module that works with the well-known AMREL ROCKY line of computers, you get the best of both worlds. The Application Module you create is proprietary and innovative, while the AMREL platform has been proven in multiple theaters for decades.

Flexbay™ Solutions lets providers avoid the expensive, traditional model for validating new technologies. Since innovators don’t have to create the whole solution, the acquisition process is streamlined, interoperability is demonstrated, and a lower price point can be delivered.

Flexbay Operator Control Units (OCU) solutions

Flexbay solutions were originally applied to common control of unmanned systems (Application Modules used for the control of robots are called Radio Control Modules or RCMs).  Below are a few examples of Flexbay OCU solutions:

“The hot swappable RCM component has applications outside of the robotic control world and it is encouraged that the vendor explores those opportunities.”
–  Robot Rodeo evaluation of AMREL’s Application Module

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