Incorporate any connector, card, or module into one fully functional platform.


Create systems that work seamlessly with hundreds of third-party modules.


Design, prototype, and deliver quicker than any competitor.

Customized solutions: The #1 reason people buy from AMREL

For us, customized solutions are not a sideline; it’s our core business. Over 80% of the computers we sell are customized. We can do this, because AMREL designs its platforms for extreme flexibility, easy integration, and convenient modularity. No other rugged computer manufacturer has a business model and core technology dedicated primarily to customized solutions.

  • Of course it’s covered by our warranty: Since customized solutions are our business, we guarantee them. We provide one-stop service and support. No more chasing down third-party vendors.
  • What you want at the number you want: Whether it’s a whole build-to-spec or just a change of color, AMREL will do it. Add a new connector or engineer a completely new configuration, we’ll deliver both low and high volumes orders to you quickly. AMREL’s high-mix, high-throughput, customized solution manufacturing system is designed for versatility and speed.
  • Simple solutions for complex problems: AMREL excels at elegant, one-box, customized solutions. We build low-footprint modular systems that are easy to repair in the field, simple to modify, and require minimal logistical support. One good example is the Operator Control Unit that we did for the MARCBot (see below).
  • Build on a solid ROCKY platform: AMREL ROCKY computers are well known for their proven ruggedness, low TCO, and exceptional longevity. Designed to accommodate the broadest range of proprietary third-party hardware and software, they provide a durable, yet flexible platform for customized solutions. Whatever form factor you choose (handheldstablets or laptops), you can have confidence in its reliability, and its compliance with the strictest standards of ruggedness.

Featured customizations

DDG-1000 Push-to-Talk Shipboard PDA

The futuristic DDG-1000 destroyer needed a PDA that could also be used as a walkie-talkie. AMREL customized its DA5+ 4″ Rugged PDA with a push-to-talk button. Even in the harshest maritime conditions, it can operate full VOIP as well as email, audio & video record/playback, wireless network, and data transmission. Of course, since it’s an AMREL ROCKY mobile computer, it meets the strictest military standards of ruggedness.

PDA Customized Solutions

Applications: Shipboard communications, Maritime Communications on DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer

 Handheld can be used as a PDA and a walkie-talkie with Email, audio record/playback, video record/playback, wireless network, full VOIP & data transmission. Operate successfully in harsh military maritime conditions.

Used by: Navy, Coast Guard

Customized Specs:

  • Push To Talk Soft Button Integration
  • SNMP Application on the Mobile 6.1
  • FED-STD-595 26307
  • Navy gray color
  • Headset retention modification

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COMTec QDSS: Quick Deploy Satellite System

ComTech required a fully rugged tablet computer with integrated military grade wiring and connectors to serve as the control system for their field satellite reception system. By adding additional specialized connectors and wiring configurations to its rugged DR tablet, AMREL quickly created a successful prototype.

System performance tests were impressive. The rugged DR tablet has become the standard operating command hardware for ComTech’s field deployable satellite reception systems.

COMTech-QDSS System Customized Solutions

Application: Communication. Field satellite reception system

Capabilities: Standard operating command hardware for their field deployable satellite reception systems

Used by: Military

Client: ComTech

Customized Specs:

  • Integrated military grade wiring
  • Integrated multiple specialized Mil connectors

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AGT MARCbot Operator Control Unit

In the past, radios could not be integrated into control systems, because onboard electronic emissions decreased range. This was especially dangerous for operators of the MARCbot, an unmanned system often used to detect hidden explosive devices.

Working with Schaefer Engineering and AGT, our solutions experts created a patent-pending Application Module that significantly decreased the signal-to-noise ratio. Not only did it exceed the Army’s required operating range, but it also could be easily inserted into the device bay of a ROCKY laptop.  This clever one-box integrated solution has significantly less logistical demands than the old system with its cumbersome peripheral antennas.

MARCBot-Robotic OCU Customized Solutions

Application: Military Robotic Command & Control of UGV

Capabilities: Reduced footprint and eliminated peripherals while extending range to increase operator safety.

Client: Schaffer Engineering / AGT

Customized Specs:

  • Harden Application Module decreases internal electronic interference
  • Operator range extended beyond Military’s expectation
  • Radio Control Module is field swappable
  • Small footprint

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“My favorite moment is when they say ‘You can really do that for us?’”

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