We Don’t Just Sell Rugged Computers
We Sell Rugged Customized Solutions

AMREL is the one-stop shop for your rugged mobile computer needs. If you need a special connector, we will get it. If you have a system with too many peripherals, we will design and deliver a one-box solution. If you need a biometric device, RFID sensor, barcode reader, or a unique antenna on your laptop, tablet, or handheld, we will help you integrate it. If you need a low-volume special customization order, we will provide it at no-to-low NRE.

AMREL specializes in modifying our standard platforms to meet your requirements by rapid prototyping and delivering high quality solutions. Moreover, we service, warranty, and support our customizations for long-term (3-5 years).  No other rugged computer provider offers the same guaranty.  We customize, design, prototype, and deliver your solution faster than any competitor.

  • Military

    For over 30 years, AMREL has fielded solutions that have proven themselves in the battlefield and on the flight line. Defense applications are not like others. In matters of life and death, failure is simply not an option. AMREL computers are independently certified for MIL-STD 810 and have earned a TRL of 9 through real-world deployment.

  • Public Safety

    Public Safety professionals and First Responders have relied on AMREL for decades for solutions that match their needs, and leverage their department’s limited resources. State, local, and federal governments have not only used ROCKY laptops, tablets, handhelds, and in-vehicles systems, but also have made full use of AMREL’s customization expertise to procure the most optimal solution.

  • Industrial

    Data collection, sensor control, and information management can literally happen anywhere. Decisions and analysis need to take place onsite in real time, so computers must go where people go. AMREL business solutions have proven themselves in blinding sun, pouring rain, invasive dust, damaging vibrations, sticky mud, violent shock, scorching fires, and a host of other hazardous conditions.

  • Unmanned Systems

    AMREL has supplied more Operator Control Units (OCU) to Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) operating in theater than any other provider. More UGV manufacturers rely on AMREL for control systems than any other developer. Our expertise in unmanned systems is hard won and battle proven.

  • Aviation

    AMREL offers a full line of 1553-compliant avionic solutions including, tablets, laptops and handhelds. Ideal for bus troubleshooting, diagnostic systems, and applications requiring small handheld solutions, AMREL mobile avionic solutions directly communicate to aircrafts without an intermediate server.  Independently certified for the MIL-STD 810 ruggedness standard, they minimize downtimes and lost data due to accidents and breakage.

  • Biometrics

    National and state Automatic Fingerprint Identity Systems (AFIS) demand highest quality images and conformity to rigid biometric standards. For this reason, all AMREL mobile biometric devices can generate FBI-Certified FAP-45 (PIV and Appendix F) images. Also, the XP7-ID Ultra-Rugged Biometric smartphone is FirstNet ready to ensure compatibility over Public Safety networks.

  • Special Connectors

    Whether it’s a connector certified to MIL-STD 1553, a Metal Twist Lock Amphenol (621N Series) Power Connector, or just an extra USB port, we can get it for you. Our platforms are designed for quick and easy modification.

  • One Box Solutions

    AMREL’s elegant control solutions eliminate cumbersome tethered antennae while protecting the signal from internal interference. You get an unprecedented operating range at a substantially reduced footprint.

  • Integrated Custom Solutions Development

    AMREL customizes over 80% of the products it sells. We are the only computer manufacturer who guarantees their modifications. For us, customization is a core capability, not an afterthought.

  • Laptops | Tablets | Handhelds

    AMREL offers solutions for all form factors. Whatever you want, you can find it here. Since our platforms are designed for fast, convenient modifications, we can often customize at low to no NRE, even for low volume orders.

  • Night Vision

    AMREL offers high quality filters for night vision solutions that comply with both ARMY ground and aviation standards. Our solutions ensure no delectability and no IR signature.

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