Frequently Asked Questions

Accessories & Replacement Part

How do I purchase batteries, additional AC adapters, or accessories?

Please visit our shopping cart at and find the accessory that is specificaly made for you device.  Having trouble please use our contact form to talk to a representative.


Why are computer prices not listed on your website?

Since over 80% of our sales are “customized rugged solutions” it would be difficult to list any price that would be meaningful to most of our clients. The comparative value of our computers is discussed in Total Cost of Ownership

To discover what your customized solution investment will be, please call (800) 882-6735.


What is the difference between AMREL Military & AMREL Industrial version computers?

Please view our Military vs. Industrial systems chart to see the differences.


Are computers that meet MIL-STD 810F standards less rugged than ones that meet MIL-STD 810G?

No. The difference between MIL-STD 810F or MIL-STD 810G is one of test methods, not ruggedness. For more information, visit our web page on MIL-STD 810.

Return Merchandise Authorization

I have an AMREL product that needs repair. How do I start AMREL’s repair process?

To initiate the repair process, you must first receive a RMA number by contacting Technical Support at (800) 882-6735, fill out our support form or email

Your AMREL product must have a RMA number before it is shipped to the repair center.

How do I get a RMA number?

To get a RMA number, please contact Technical Support at (800) 882-6735, fill out our support form or email  Please provide the following information:

  • Serial number of your AMREL product
  • Description of your problem
  • Your contact information

After you contact Technical Support, and provide them with the appropriate information, they will email you a RMA number. It is then your responsibility to ship your product with your RMA number to:

3445 Fletcher Ave
El Monte, CA 91731

Important! You must list your RMA number on the shipping label!

How much will the RMA process cost me?

If your repair is covered by warranty, you will pay for shipping your AMREL product to our repair center. We will pay for shipping your product back to you. If the repair or product isn’t covered by the warranty, you will pay for shipping both ways, $100 for evaluation and the costs of parts. Of course, there may be some variance in charges due to the nature of the repair.

How long does the RMA process take?

For a repair covered by the warranty, our turn-around time is usually 5 to 7 business days from the point the product is received.  For a repair not covered by the warranty, the turn-around time is usually 5 to 7 business days from the point payment is received. Of course, there may be some variance in the time due to the nature of the repair and the availability of parts.

Flexpedient® Solutions

How do I get started or find more information on building a Flexpedient Solution?

Contact us at (800) 882-6735 for all the details on AMREL Flexpedient Solutions.

Why do I need a Flexpedient solution?

Flexpedient enables virtually any mobile application to be interoperable, a critical requirement for many defense and civilian projects.  Flexpedient technology also eliminates the need for many kinds of peripherals, creating a broad spectrum of low-footprint, one-box solutions. Application developers choose Flexpedient Solutions for the ease of demonstrating new technology and the ability to quote lower price points.

To learn more on how you can leverage Flexpedient Solution for your application or project, please visit the Flexpedient page.

Which AMREL systems are Flexpedient® ready?

All notebook computers (RT 13 inch, RK 15 inch, RF 17 inch) come Flexpedient® ready.

What does Flexpedient® mean?

A modular interoperable solution that enables one computer to run many applications.
To see how it works, please watch this video on the AMREL Flexpedient Solutions.

Hardware and Software

What do I do if my system has software issues?

Please contact your software provider for software support. Please contact us only if it is related to customization issues.

What do I do if my system has OS software issues? (Windows/Linux/Windows Mobile)

Please contact your software provider for OS software support.

How do I send my computer back for hardware upgrades?

Please contact your sales representative and they will assist you with this process.

Which graphics card do you support?

You may upgrade from the standard Intel® 32-bit GFX core to a NVIDIA GeForce card. We have various versions of these graphics cards and VRAM may vary. This may also require a motherboard upgrade.

What kind of hardware upgrades can I add to my system?

  • Memory (RAM)
  • Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
  • Video card (e.g. NVIDIA GeForce; may require motherboard upgrade)
  • Wireless options (e.g. Bluetooth, WLAN, GPRS, GPS)
  • Accessories (See “Products page” for each respective computer accessories)

For more information on upgrade options for each form factor.


Who do I contact if I have questions on how to purchase AMREL computers?

You may contact us at (800) 882-6735 or fill out our support request form

Are AMREL computers sold online or in any stores?

AMREL computers are not sold online or in retail stores.  However, parts and replacements for your products can be purchased through contacting us at (800) 882-6735.

On occasion, you may find discount deals on previous models or demo units.

Where can I purchase AMREL computers?

You may purchase directly through an AMREL sales rep by calling (800) 882-6735 or fill out our request form
For off-the-shelf computer, you may choose your hardware specs here before you talk to a rep.
For customized solutions, you may speak to an expert by emailing your request or calling us directly.

Can anyone buy AMREL computers off the shelf?

Yes, our computers are available for sale to anyone.


How do I initiate customizing my computer or solution?

To start the process, please fill out the following contact form and we will contact you.

Can you customize accessories?

Depending on your requirements, most accessories can be customized. For instance, if you wanted to customize a notebook docking station, we can do it. See a sample of our customized docking station.

If I already purchased an off-the-shelf computer, can I still customize a solution?

Yes. Please contact your sales representative.