ROCKY RK10 Rugged Laptop

Powerful performance on a proven platform. The ROCKY RK10, the newest upgrade of our most popular military grade rugged laptop, has speed up its operation with a powerful i7 processor, expanded memory, and improved storage.  Flexbay™ capable, it easily changes applications with a simple swap of modules.

Fast and popular
You don’t have to be fast to be popular, but it sure
helps. The ROCKY RK10, the newest upgrade of our
most popular laptop, has speeded up its operation
• Powerful i7 processor
• Better graphics card
• Expanded memory
• USB 3.0 ports
• Improved storage

Meets strictest ruggedness standards
Independently certified for MIL-STD 810 and IP65.

Decades of dependable durability
Having proved its reliability for years in the
harshest environments, the ROCKY RK10 is the
perfect laptop for warfighters, fire fighters, police,
EMS, and other must-perform applications.

Extended End of Life
The ROCKY RK10 Laptop is designed for easy
upgrades and configuration stability.

One computer does the job of many
AMREL’s proprietary Flexbay™  technology lets
you combine numerous single-purpose devices
into one multi-functional computing solution.
Learn how by watching the video on

Modular design, easily customizable, very configurable .
Modular, open platform design and a remarkably
large number of configurable 1/0 ports ensure
flexible connectivity and easy customization.
AMREL extends the manufacturer’s warranty to all
modifications it performs.

Currently deployed customizations include:
• Portable Sensor Control
• Portable Radio System
• Search & Rescue
• Flight Line
• Unmanned Systems Operator Control Units
• Portable Radio System
• Many other applications

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