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One size does not fit all

Every application, not to mention every business, has specific needs that go beyond standard values. That is why we have created a network of integrators, and partners to sell solutions, not just rugged computers. Look below to discover exactly what you need.

Defense: A unique market with unique needs

The Military market is unlike any other; lives depend on the solution precisely meeting the requirements of the application.  For 28 years, we have supplied warfighters with mission-critical solutions that meet their exact needs.

Industrial: When good businesses buy bad computers

More and more businesses are looking to military-hardened rugged computer solutions to save them money. AMREL has been supplying rugged computers for nearly two decades, so we know the most common errors commercial buyers make. Make sure you buy smart.

Public safety: The other front line

For almost 20 years, AMREL has applied its expertise for delivering rugged, military computer solutions to the needs of Public Safety. Designed to maximize limited space and as well as limited resources, our solutions are as dependable as the First Responders that use them.

Biometrics: Solutions designed to get dirty

Harsh lighting, uncontrolled environments, dust, and rain are facts of life for front-line troops as well as First Responders. They need rugged biometric solutions that are as tough as they are.

Robotics: Common control, here and now

AMREL is the only Operator Control Unit (OCU) provider to supply control subsystems for multiple deployed unmanned platforms developed by different manufacturers. Our patented Flexpedient® Technology utilizes field-swappable Radio Control Modules to provide a practical common control solution.

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