One Box Solution

One Box Solutions

Simplify logistics, eliminate peripherals, and reduce footprints

Ever sensitive to the needs of its clients, AMREL has produced numerous elegant one-box solutions. We’ve integrated biometric devices, gas sensors, radio antennas, control units, and targeting controls.

Some of our best known one-box solutions have been developed through our proprietary Flexbay™ technology. Originally developed for the control of Unmanned Ground Vehicles, it has since been used for a wide variety of applications.

Flexbay™ Technology allows end-users to utilize one computer for multiple applications. It not only provides for interoperable control of multiple systems, it also enables you to demonstrate new technology on a mature platform. Over 7,500 Flexbay™ Solutions have been deployed to the field.

Our newest platform for one-box solutions is the Flexpedient® AT80 Android Rugged Tablet. Built with techniques borrowed from aviation manufacturing, the lightweight AT80 is unique in that it is the only rugged Android tablet designed from the ground up to be quickly and easily modified. Its proprietary rail system allows for fast and easy addition of virtually any peripheral device. One of its earliest applications outfitted it with fingerprint readers, so it can be used for crowd control at major league sporting events.

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