AMREL offers a wide range of customized connectors including military connectors, Ethernet, USB, RS232, VGA, RJ45, GLAN, Amphenol, and others.

For us, customized solutions are not a sideline; it’s our core business. Over 80% of the computers we sell are customized. We can do this, because AMREL designs its platforms for extreme flexibility, easy integration, and convenient modularity. No other rugged computer manufacturer has a business model and core technology dedicated primarily to customized solutions.

Low to no NRE Over 85% of our customized orders had no NRE to the customer –even for low-volume orders!

Design, prototype, and deliver quicker than any competitor AMREL’s high-mix, high-throughput, customized solution manufacturing system is designed for versatility and speed.  We deliver both low and high volumes orders to you quickly.

Of course it’s covered by our warranty: Since customized solutions are our business, we guarantee them. We provide one-stop service and support. No more chasing down third-party vendors.

Build on a solid ROCKY platform: AMREL ROCKY computers are well known for their provenruggedness, low TCO, and exceptional longevity. Designed to accommodate the broadest range of proprietary third-party hardware and software, they provide a durable, yet flexible platform for customized solutions. Whatever form factor you choose (handheldstablets or laptops), you can have confidence in its reliability, and its compliance with the strictest standards of ruggedness.