Testing Procedures

Three Levels of Testing

Testing of ruggedness has three distinct phases:

In-house or independent laboratory testing
This is specified by the standard, but some vendors of commercial platforms do not actually perform the tests. All AMREL computers are certified by an independent third-party, so, unlike other suppliers, our claims of ruggedness are substantiated.

Field testing (validation/verification) by DoD
Since laboratory testing cannot duplicate real-world conditions, the military insists on field trials for their equipment.

Proven ruggedness on the battlefield
Even the “real world” of field trials doesn’t really duplicate the real world. Actual deployment in theater is the ultimate test for ruggedness. AMREL’s ROCKY line of computers has been successfully passing this test for almost two decades.

AMREL’s Special Ruggedness
AMREL’s products are designed for an exceptionally long life cycle. Unlike other companies, whose platforms are obsolete within a year or two, AMREL has computers that have been in constant use for seven, even ten years. This means we have to provide an exceptional level of support and enable our platforms to be upgraded easily to meet new standards. It also means we have to go the extra mile for durability, since our clients use them for an unusually long time.

For example, AMREL has a unique Fault Tolerant Design, whose compartmentalization provides additional protection against the ingress of dust and water. Also, in addition to the third-part independent certification of MIL-STD 461, we maintain an in-house EMI laboratory for testing of production models.

Specific Procedures for Testing
Standards grant some latitude for which test a developer may use. Which tests were actually done may be important depending on the computer’s eventual application. Below are the tests for MIL-STD 810. To learn about MIL-STD 461, download this popular white paper.

If you have further questions about our testing and how it may impact our application, call the AMREL experts at (800) 882-6735.